About Us

Hastings, Boulding, Correia specializes in investigating and analysing motor vehicle accidents. For 50 years, our forensic engineers and scientists have been solving thousands of complex accidents. Over that time, we have developed a multi-disciplinary approach that includes detail-oriented investigations, comprehensive research and testing, analyses using state-of-the-art software and equipment, and thorough, straightforward reporting of the facts.

Clients looking for experienced, court-proven experts, call on our highly qualified consultants to travel throughout Canada and parts of the United States for their accident reconstruction needs. Our clientele includes the legal and insurance professions, the automotive and trucking industries, government and other public agencies, as well as other engineering firms wishing to take advantage of our specialized expertise.

The roots of our association date back to 1958, when Jack Hastings and Ray Boulding were among the first engineers in North America to investigate and analyse motor vehicle accidents. Focusing their practice solely on accident reconstruction, they developed a reputation for integrity and excellence that remains with us to this day.